Stephen Drachler

Because of the adoption of the Traditional Plan, the Rev. Patrick Walker is marking the silver anniversary of his ordination by surrendering his clergy credentials, writes his friend Stephen Drachler. Read more

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Veteran communicator Stephen Drachler points out the flaws having an internal task force investigate allegations of voting improprieties at the 2019 General Conference. Read more

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GC2000 Protest

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Communicator Stephen Drachler compares the acrimony of the 2016 General Conference with a similarly tense 2000 session that results in demonstrators' arrests. Read more

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Gather Them In

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A week after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown United Methodist Church starts a national time of remembrance by ringing its bell 28 times, for all 27 victims and the gunman. Read more

Stephen Drachler, a lay delegate from the Susquehanna Annual Conference in central Pennsylvania, discloses why he voted to remove The United Methodist Church's anti-LGBT stances. Read more

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