Our insular natures keep us from showing the kind of holy empathy we'd have if some of the world's disasters were occurring in the United States, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. Read more


The terrible news of attacks in Syria prompt Pacific Northwest Conference communicator Patrick Scriven to examine the United Methodist Church's stances on war and peace. Read more


A U.S. airstrike against Syria in retaliation for using chemical weapons prompts the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant to pose hard questions in poetic form. Read more

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Here's how your local United Methodist congregation can help resettle Syrian refugees. Read more

Advocating Justice

Syrian Girl

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United Methodist Bishop Rosemarie Wenner of Germany urges people to see migrants into Europe as people who bring gifts and skills, not as problems to be solved. Read more

Lebanon Refugees

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The United Methodist Committee on Relief has pledged continued support for refugees in the Middle East, especially Christians from Syria and Iraq that are under particular threat. Read more

Global Health

Using St. Augustine's Christian philosophy of "just war," the Rev. Jim Burklo finds there's no moral reason for the United States to attack Syria, even after the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons against its own citizens. Read more

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Photo ID 537316. 07/12/2012. Mafraq, Jordan. UN Photo/Mark Garten.

As tensions increase around the crisis in Syria, the United Methodist Committee on Relief continues to assist in caring for the millions of Syrians who have fled their country's violence, writes Linda Bloom of United Methodist News Service. Read more

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