The Trinity

Columnist Chuck McKnight finds that those attending a conference on Jesus, the Bible and the Holy Spirit most strongly resisted a presenter's call to deny the "inerrancy" of scripture. Read more

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Rublev Trinity

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As we celebrate Reformation 500, United Methodist layman Brian Snyder finds it's the relationship, not the identities, of the Trinity that offers a foundation for future Christian understanding. Read more


Rublev Icon Guyton

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After receiving a copy of Andrei Rublev's famous icon of the Trinity, the Rev. Morgan Guyton wonders why Christians don't refer to God as "they" rather than as "he." Read more

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St. Athanasius

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The furor rolls on over Dr. Timothy Tennent's blog casting the United Methodist Church's conflict as a fight between orthodoxy and heterodoxy, as Joel L. Watts adds his perspective on authentic orthodox theology. Read more

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