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General Conference 2020 representation by U.S. traditonalist delegates has dropped by 20 percent in recent elections, according to Good News vice president Thomas Lambrecht. Read more

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The Africa Initiative has given its support to the Traditionalist option of the Way Forward report to be decided by the special 2019 General Conference. Read more

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Our Book of Discipline is a collection of resolutions and affirmations intended to guide our life together as a denomination, but it is not The Truth as some would have us believe, writes the Rev. Dr. William C. Trench. Read more



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People with widely varying theological viewpoints claim to be "evangelical," writes Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service. Just don't call them fundamentalist. Read more

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"Loosening the connection" is one way the Commission on A Way Forward might get The United Methodist Church past its current impasse over the acceptance of homosexuality, reports Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service Read more

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The Rev. Thomas Lambrecht of Good News responds to critiques of the "infallibility" of the Bible in the statement supporting schism issued recently by a group of 80 pastors and theologians. Read more

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Broken Step

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The Rev. Tom Lambrecht, executive vice president of the conservative Good News caucus, cites a recent action by the Detroit Annual Conference as further evidence that The United Methodist Church is breaking apart. Read more

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Tom Lambrecht

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The Rev. Thomas Lambrecht, executive vice president of the Good News evangelical caucus, explains why he and his companions think that further dialogue over sexuality issues in The United Methodist Church won't be worth the effort. Read more

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