traditional worship

Two descendants of United Methodist leaders, an American and a Congolese, plead with GC2019 delegates to consider the catastrophic effects of the Traditional and Modified Traditional Plans. Read more

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Language and music count far less than a sense of authenticity when it comes to choosing a style of worship, writes Patrick Scriven. Read more

Local Church

Weary of "the worship wars," the Rev. Mark A. Miller responds to Jonathan Aigner's preference for traditional liturgy with a defense of contemporary worship. Read more

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Blessed Nation

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Worship leader Jonathan Aigner has some pointed advice for churches tempted to put patriotism above Pentecost on Sunday, May 24. Read more

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Old Gary Methodist Church

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Heads up, Churches: Millennials have left because they're fed up with entertainment-style worship, writes Jonathan Aigner, and they want authentic Christian experience. Read more

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Church musician and theologian Jonathan Aigner challenges the consumerist ideas behind contemporary worship as the opposite of what Christian worship should be. Read more

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