Trump Administration

More than 300 religion scholars, including some from United Methodist institutions, have issued a statement denouncing the Trump Administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy. Read more

Advocating Justice

United Methodists were among hundreds of protesters arrested by Capitol Police for demonstrating on behalf of young people affected by the Trump Administration's removal of protections for undocumented child arrivals. Read more

Advocating Justice

Recalling Pharaoh's mistakes with the Hebrews, the Rev. William D. Cotton wonders how a federal government made up of billionaires can connect with the living needs of a waitress holding down two jobs. Read more

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Sharon Watkins

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A coalition of faith-based organizations known as the Circle of Protection spoke out against the deep cuts in federal poverty programs proposed in the Trump Administration budget. Read more

La Trinidad Class

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As the Trump Administration cracks down on immigrants, churches and ministries find members and clients fearfully avoiding services in San Antonio, Texas, a historic center for Hispanic Methodism. Read more

Local Church

From NYC to DC

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As we struggle through these days of turmoil under a new federal administration, Jesus' counsel to his disciples remains good guidance for Christian Americans, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

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A core Christian principle is that Jesus tears down dividing walls between people, which means that we Jesus followers shouldn't allow any walls to be built between us and our neighbors, writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more

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American Christians should be alert to five attitudes of a Christian subculture that also lie behind the Trump Administration's assertions of "alternative facts," writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more