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A new program from the DisAbility Ministries Committee awards its first honors to local churches that have improved their accessibility for people with disabling conditions. Read more

Local Church

Students at UMC-related Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. learned the life-saving techniques of how to deal with people who may suffer from a drug overdose. Read more

Global Health

Disabled Unisex

Photo Courtesy of Lory Beth Huffman

Deaconess Sharon McCart urges: "While we are talking about the changes the UMC needs to make, can we remember that people with disabilities are also hurting and have been for a long time?" Read more


Making church more accessible to people with hearing disabilities means making some substantive, compassion changes in church, writes the Rev. Leo Yates Jr. Read more

Local Church

The association of ministers with disabilities adopted a new statement of purpose inviting all United Methodist to join in efforts to make the church more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities. Read more

Advocating Justice

Tim Vermande documents the frustrations and indignities visited upon people with disabilities who have to use public "paratransit" services. Read more


Signed Communion

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The DisAbility Ministries Committee expresses disappointment that Amendment 2, which would have added the word "ability" to protected groups in the Constitution, didn't pass. Read more


Preparing his flock for Sunday worship, the Rev. Dr. Eric Pridmore reminds us that “Jesus did not command the whole world to go to church. Jesus commanded his church to go to the whole world.” Read more

Practicing Faith

An encounter with a mentally ill homeless man gives Theresa Weaver the gift of discernment along with a bracelet made from what others would consider trash. Read more