UM Forward

United Methodists of all theological and church political persuasions are making their stances known as the time to General Conference 2020 counts down, writes Heather Hahn. Read more

2020 General Conference 1 Comments

The two ad hoc groups have partnered to raise funds to aid clergy facing trial under the new, more restrictive United Methodist rules going into effect Jan. 1. Read more

UMC Future 1 Comments

Memphis Conference GC2020 delegate Frank Holbrook looks at the benefits and disadvantages of the UMC future plan presented by UM Forward. Read more

UMC Future

UM Forward has submitted legislation to the 2020 General Conference to divide the denomination into four new churches along theological perspectives. Read more

UMC Future

Full text of the "Loved and Liberated" proclamation from the Our Movement Forward summit. Read more

UMC Future

Wisdom proclaimed by a pastor acknowledging his sexual identity brings his clergy colleague to physical collapse from the force of its timeless truth for all people. Read more


After 10 years preparing for ordained ministry, Ian C. Urriola has decided to relinquish his candidacy because his LGBTQ brothers and sisters can't be ordained as well. Read more

Perspectives 2 Comments

The proliferation of secret meetings across the United Methodist Church show how rotten the institution has become, and what future path its members should seek, writes Cynthia B. Astle Read more

Views from a Ridge 14 Comments