UMC budget

Heather Hahn describes the process behind massive budget cuts facing the worldwide United Methodist Church Read more

Finance and Administration

Most United Methodist general agencies are facing substantial budget cuts starting in 2021. That means agency leaders are now making hard choices about what ministries to curtail or drop altogether. Read more

Finance and Administration

Don House

Photo by Patrick Scriven, Pacific Northwest Conference

The Rev. Sara Baron of the Pacific Northwest Conference sounds an alarm over a proposal to take $20 million from the UMC's main program fund and give it to 1,000 of the top large-membership churches for evangelism. Read more

GC Archive

Ebola Mission

Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

David W. Scott looks at the proposal to cut the UMC's coming four-year budget being sent to the 2016 General Conference by top executives of the 13 churchwide boards and agencies. Read more

GC Archive

Collection plate

Photo Illustration by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Heads of the 13 United Methodist boards and agencies have unanimously recommended cuts in the overall budget for 2017-2020. Read more

Finance and Administration