UMC racism

The African-American bishops serving in the United States say it's imperative that Black clergy and laity be included in discussions about United Methodism's future. Read more

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Charlottesville Shelter

Photo by Richard Lord, UMNS

Christians are called to stand up – in words and actions – against the climate of rage and hatred fostered by the president's racialized rhetoric. Read more

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The Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell likens the recent statement of the "ebony bishops" of The United Methodist Church declaring racism to be alive in the UMC to traditionalists' prejudice against LGBTQ+ people. Read more


The Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell finds the current makeup of the multiracial international Judicial Council to be a sign of The United Methodist Church's progress in dismantling its institutional racism and sexism. Read more


Although it was abolished in the 1968 merger that created The United Methodist Church, the impact of the racially segregated Central Jurisdiction still lingers today. Read more

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Bishops Philippines


The work of the United Methodist General Commission on Religion and Race expanded beyond its historic American focus with a consultation in the Philippines regarding that country's racial and indigenous diversity. Read more

Global Nature

Hands Baptismal Font

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United Methodists can tap into many church-related resources to change their beliefs, behaviors and society about racism, writes Joe Iovino of United Methodist Communications. Read more

Advocating Justice

Charlottesville Meme

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Several United Methodist bishops issued letters to their clergy and congregations urging them to take strong stands against racism and white supremacy on the Sunday after violence in Charlottesville, Va. Read more

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Race and Ethnicity


A recent hit piece Good News had on racial analysis reveals a lot about how data is twisted to promote self-serving narratives. Read more

Jeremy Smith

Immigration Prayer

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David W. Scott of UM & Global takes a closer look at recent statistics regarding the immigrants among American United Methodists, and wonders why it's so hard to attract a more diverse population. Read more

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Bishop Lawrence Reddick

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Churches across America should make ending racism and race-based violence a priority, an African Methodist Episcopal bishop told a gathering of four historically African-American Methodist denominations in announcing a new initiative to fight racism. Read more

Advocating Justice

Central Jurisdiction

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Examining the current debate over how to organize the UMC as a global denomination, Dr. David W. Scott challenges American United Methodists to remember – and repent – the racially motivated roots of today's U.S. jurisdictions. Read more

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Religious Diversity

Pew Research Center. Used by Permission.

The latest Pew Research Center findings show The United Methodist Church as one of the whitest denominations in America, and that's a big problem for its global nature, writes David W. Scott. Read more

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Charleston Rev. Nelson

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The massacre at Emanuel AME Church and the burning of black churches should spur American Christianity to overcome its past affiliation with white supremacy, writes Dr. Phillip Wingeier-Rayo. Read more


NTX Press Conference

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United Methodist pastors – both black and white – along with Dallas Bishop Mike McKee called for racial justice after an incident in which a white police officer used excessive force against black youths at a McKinney, Texas, pool party. Read more

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Walter Scott Shooting Protest

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Despite official denials that recent racist acts an unsanctioned, isolated incidents, the Rev. Brandon Lazarus argues that the ongoing affronts prove that racism isn't unusual, but actually common in American society. Read more


Concluding her 3-part series, the Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner examines the ways that people of faith are spearheading conversations about America's diversity and what it will take to build community and trust. Read more


Delaware Conference

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In Part 2 of her series on The United Methodist Church and its history in race relations, the Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner traces how predominantly black Methodist churches influenced changes in the white Methodist Church. Read more


Black Faculty of Garrett-Evangelical Issues Statement

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The Black Faculty of United Methodist-related Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary calls recent killings of black men a theological issue that cries out for the Church's attention. Read more

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White Man Crosswalk

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Unless the straight, white, male United Methodist leadership diversifies its make-up, unintended consequences will adversely affect the denomination's theological and social health, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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