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The Wesley Bros find that a device for tracking spiritual disciplines may not be all that's needed for spiritual fitness. Read more


Measure Fruits

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Amid the furor and lament over recent numbers documenting continued decline in The United Methodist Church, the Rev. Jeremy Smith counters questionable political interpretations of the data with some sharp number-crunching. Read more

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If our system is designed to produce the results we're getting, then perhaps it's time to examine what results we truly desire and build a different system, writes the Rev. Dan R. Dick. Read more

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The Rev. Deb Smith continues her review of United Methodist statistics and the questions they spark in her. Read more

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The Rev. Deb Smith looks at United Methodist ministries involving children, where some increases have occurred over the past five years. Read more

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Examining 2013 United Methodist statistics, the Rev. Deb Smith asks why church demographics seem to show decreases in certain areas when the number of constituents reportedly rose. Read more

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