UMC change

Before making changes in church or in our lives, it's best to determine if what we think will be better will actually be a benefit, suggests the Rev. Jack Shitama. Read more

Practicing Faith

Two in Argument

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United Methodists could break apart over their divisions, or they could provide leadership that would move Christianity toward greater inclusion, writes the Rev. Christy Thomas. Read more

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The Rev. Richard Bryant has 10 timely tips for United Methodists looking to revitalize the denomination. Read more


Sacred Cow

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Knowing what constitutes a congregation's "sacred bundle" proves crucial in shepherding the process of change, writes the Rev. Jim Parsons. Read more

Local Church

The Rev. Will Green outlines how -- and if -- he thinks The United Methodist Church can change from its current forms of identity and operation. Read more

Advocating Justice


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On Praying for Revival

Tapping into the widespread search for renewal in The United Methodist Church, the Rev. Ben Gosden invites us to consider some essential steps in accomplishing a revival. Read more

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Changes Ahead

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The Rev. Jim Parsons looks to a leadership course to provide guidance on enacting changes necessary to the life of the church. Read more

Jim Parsons

Houston Rally for Ferguson

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United Methodist educators expressed their concern about the current debates in the church over social crises with a statement on " justice and human dignity." Read more


Granny and Mohawk

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God is creating the church of our grandchildren at this very moment, and those in today's leadership could benefit this transition if they were to let go of their denominations, writes Patrick Scriven. Read more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith evaluates various proposals for the UMC to resolve its current conflicts and make substantive changes in its structure. Read more

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Communications consultant Diane Rheos challenges our concepts of the conflicts that The United Methodist Church – in fact, all parts of the Church – are going through now. Read more


The Tone And Argument Police Have No Idea

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford rebuts recent arguments by the Rev. Stephen Rankin and Dr. David Watson about how United Methodists should engage in online discussion of issues facing the church. Read more

Oct 11, 2014 12:24 PM Geoffrey Kruse-Safford 2 Comments

Draw a Church

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How to create and manage change that adapts to new situations, not how to get better at current techniques, is what Christian need from educational conferences today, asserts the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

Local Church

Mental Models

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Our own mental models and ways of thinking lie more at the root of our disagreements than our theologies, writes the Rev. Dan R. Dick. Read more

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United Methodist Communications Photo

A church communications project in Malawi shows once again our belief that what a small group of mostly young people does in one particular location can transform the world, writes David W. Scott. Read more


Nobody Is Above Question

Christians have a duty to one another to discern the right course of action by questioning actions and decisions, even when someone is in a well-respected and well-educated authority, well-loved, writes Henry Neufeld. Read more

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Which Way

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What if United Methodism allowed its basic units to dissociate from the General Church while maintaining covenantal ties? suggests the Rev. Bryant M. Oskvig of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference. Read more


Rainbow BSA

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A United Methodist Men's chapter in Oregon has announced it is withholding its contribution to the General Commission on United Methodist Men until the group endorses lifting the Boy Scouts of America's ban on gay members and leaders. Read more

In the Church

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B Church

The Rev. Dan R. Dick examines what it takes to "B" the Church through belief, behavior and belonging. Read more

Apr 1, 2013 5:12 PM Dan R. Dick

E. Stanley Jones

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Progress in a Middle Direction

The Rev. Jeremy Smith finds insight in a quote from famed mid-20th century evangelist E. Stanley Jones. Read more

Mar 29, 2013 7:41 PM Jeremy Smith