UMC clergy

The Rev. Dr. Frederick Schmidt has some pointed suggestions for how to counteract the decline in clergy credibility. Read more

Ordained Ministry



The percentage of United Methodist clergy educated at UMC-affiliated schools has risen each year since 2009, approaching two-thirds of clergy graduates. Read more

Ordained Ministry

2012 Book of Discipline

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The United Methodist Church's "high court" assessed how clergy penalties are variously applied in different annual conferences. Read more

Finance and Administration

Surviving the rigors of church leadership with one's faith intact requires intentional tending of our spiritual assumptions about ourselves and the church environment, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more

Practicing Faith

What must we do to regain our integrity in The United Methodist Church? asks the Rev. Jerry Eckert. Read more


In a study commissioned by United Methodist Communications, church roles affect people's perceptions of what it means to be United Methodist. Read more

Local Church

Asbury Horse

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The Rev. Drew McIntyre argues that it's time for the UMC to give its longstanding tradition of moving pastors annually in favor of a longer-term pastoral appointment system. Read more

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United Methodist layman Dick Yarbrough finds hope for the church in the latest class of budding pastors for the North Georgia Annual Conference. Read more


Mature Clergy Illustration

The way clergy fitness is presented -- or not -- makes the Rev. Martha Myre question the process of the annual conference. Read more

The Rev. Jen Stuart finds that her personal integrity compels her to leave the Southwest Texas Annual Conference to seek full ordination and conference membership. Read more

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Resume References

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The Rev. Bob Kaylor gives his clergy colleagues a wake-up call to 5 major temptations about leaving pastoral ministry and how to deal with them. Read more



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Drawing on 50 years of observation, the Rev. Jerry Eckert looks at changing patterns in The United Methodist Church and what they might mean for the denomination's future. Read more

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Philly Gay Wedding 2

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The actions of retired Bishop Mel Talbert and dozens of other clergy in defiance of United Methodist laws against same-sex marriage have brought the denomination to the breaking point it has tried to avoid for more than 45 years. Read more

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Philly Gay Wedding 2

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In defiance of the UMC's anti-LGBT policies, two men were married Nov. 9 in Arch Street United Methodist Church in Philadelphia with more than 50 United Methodist pastors and other clergy attending. Read more

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Does Every Sermon Have One Purpose?

Should every sermon be about changing our behaviors? The Rev. Jeremy Smith opens a discussion on whether sermons can be about purposes other than creating change or motivation for change in church members. Read more

Nov 11, 2013 10:09 AM Jeremy Smith

Francis Asbury

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Can Francis Asbury Help You Be a More Effective Communicator?

Continuing with his review of John Wigger's new biography of Francis Asbury, Kevin Watson explores Asbury's example of being able to connect with "ordinary" people. Read more

Sep 18, 2013 7:48 AM Kevin Watson


Illustration Courtesy of Patrick Scriven

The United Methodist Church doesn't need any more innovative pastors, writes Patrick Scriven of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference. What it really needs is to empower its laypeople to share their faith in innovative ways. Read more

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Mature Clergy Illustration

The Rev. Mike Lindstrom ponders how The United Methodist Church will value -- or de-value -- its "midlife" clergy as it strives to recruit younger ministers and mature pastors retire. Read more

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Super Clergy

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Appointment-making and itinerancy

The Rev. Tim McClendon, a district superintendent in the South Carolina Annual Conference, examines the United Methodist process of appointing clergy. Read more

Mar 12, 2013 9:20 AM Tim McClendon 2 Comments

Why Answer the Call?

Why Answer the Call?

Responding to a question from fellow blogger John Meunier about his post, "Vital Is As Vital Does," Dan R. Dick lifts up his hopes that The United Methodist Church can still attract capable young ministers. Read more

Mar 9, 2013 3:39 PM Dan R. Dick