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Metaphors drawn from human relationships give a better picture of the current state of The United Methodist Church and prospects for its future, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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Using the marketing skills of its leadership, the Wesleyan Covenant Association has mounted a campaign in support of the Traditionalist Plan that deflects attention from its true purpose – the dissolution of the UMC, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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The report from the Commission on A Way Forward is released in all four official languages used by the General Conference. more

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As the Rev. David Livingston sees it, the "traditionalist" plan has multiple fatal flaws, particularly in setting up an "inquisition committee" to remove bishops who won't sign an agreement to uphold anti-homosexual stances. more

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Filipinos say they're finding it difficult to consider the three Way Forward plans because of inadequate information, along with influence by a speaker from the Wesleyan Covenant Association, which advocates for the Traditional Plan. more

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Delegates hope that the Holy Spirit will inspire the specially called 2019 General Conference with wisdom regarding plans for church unity, but they still have preferences among the three models. more

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The "festering heresy" confronting The United Methodist Church isn't whether homosexual practice is sinful, but the threat to sever the essentials of the gospels – truth and love, writes retired Bishop Kenneth L. Carder. more

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Dr. David W. Scott helped write the Way Forward's missional framework section and recommends both it and the theological section as helpful in understanding the commission's work. more

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Unity does not mean uniformity, for none of can know absolutely the will of God, a stance that always risks the hubris of the human nature asserting itself over the humble way of Christ, writes Dr. Elaine Robinson. more

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A talk by the Rev. Adam Hamilton on interpreting the Bible offers a way to keep the United Methodist Church together: dropping our assumptions about scripture and one another. more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith outlines and analyzes the extreme control and punitive measures contained in the Traditionalist plan of the report from the Commission on A Way Forward. more

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Although derided by traditionalists as "the progressive plan," the One Church model recommended by the Way Forward Commission is far from progressive, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith in the second of a four-part series examining the commission's report. more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith begins a four-part series examining the models of the Way Forward Commission's report with an analysis of the most schismatic version: the Connectional Conferences plan. more

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The Rev. Tim McClendon disputes reports about the nature and intentions of a private meeting of delegates on the "One Church" model from the Commission on A Way Forward's report to the 2019 General Conference. more

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Responses from the participants at a regional meeting on the Way Forward proposal leave the Rev. Richard Bryant deeply concerned for the UMC's future. more

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The English-language version of the Commission on A Way Forward's report is included with the published docket for the Fall meeting of the Judicial Council. more

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Painful as the Rev. Rob Renfroe's words are to many United Methodists he considers friends, the Rev. James C. Howell still wants to him to be a part of The United Methodist Church. more

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Our differences of opinion over biblical interpretation are a strength, and a good reason for The United Methodist Church to stay together, says the Rev. Rich Peck. more

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Panelists at the July 16-18 Uniting Methodists' conference in Dallas spoke with deep emotion about being accepted by the church and about their devotion to seeing the church stay together. more

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