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The Bible is the supreme arbiter of right and wrong when it comes to marriage and every other issue, states a 53-page first draft of a guidebook for a potential new denomination spun out of The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Western Jurisdiction leaders brainstormed and mapped out ideas for a new vision of United Methodism at a November summit in California. Read more

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Bishop Joaquina Nhanala, the first female United Methodist bishop in Africa, speaks frankly about the region's refusal to support breaking up the UMC. Read more

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The Central Conference bishops’ endorsement of the Connectional Table's proposal for a U.S. regional conference is a big deal for an idea that previously has faced strong opposition. Read more

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In his final installment, Dr. David W. Scott outlines the dangers of failing to maintain group cohesion using elements such as identity and core values. Read more

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More than one region of the worldwide United Methodist Church is considering options around human sexuality and whether that conflict will split the denomination. Read more

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The GCFA board unanimously approved 2020 agency spending plans — almost all based on a 70% apportionment collection rate. Read more

Finance and Administration

The denomination’s attitude towards its current failures can be seen as part of a larger pattern of ignoring or minimizing failures rather than learning from them, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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Western Summit Playground

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The Western Jurisdiction's Fresh United Methodism Summit elicited many ideas and created a "visioning team" to bring a report to next year's jurisdictional conference. Read more

Signers of the “Deeper Conversations UMC” said the recent commitment by some for a moratorium on all complaints related to LGBTQ clergy and clergy performing same-gender weddings violate the Book of Discipline and illustrate the UMC's brokenness. Read more

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Various plans for the future of The United Methodist Church are among the topics planned for discussion at the conference. Read more

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Central Conference bishops say they like the idea of making the United States its own regional conference in hopes of moving most U.S.-centric legislation away from the worldwide General Conference. Read more

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Western Jurisdiction leaders affirm a theological statement that they will not complete with the more restrictive rules on same-sex marriage and LGBTQ+ clergy adopted by the 2019 General Conference. Read more

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The Rev. David Livingston finds his United Methodist colleagues in Africa are wary of the provisions of the Indianapolis Plan, which they fear will cut them off from historic United Methodist support. Read more

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United Methodist layman Frank Holbrook thinks some good can come from the 2020 General Conference if delegates take the opportunity to ponder questions about the nature of the UMC's life together. Read more

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Disaffiliation, proposed changes regarding sexuality and discontent among LGBTQ+ students at Duke Divinity School mark the latest happenings in the UMC struggle. Read more

Views from a Ridge

The Rev. Stan Copeland contends that United Methodist centrists are those who don't want to see the denomination split, and who hold out the promise of church unity through their welcome of many perspectives. Read more

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World Map

UMCom map by Cindy Caldwell

In his third installment, Dr. David W. Scott assesses The United Methodist Church's ability to respond to the crisis it now faces. Read more

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Both sides in the debate over The United Methodist Church's future have forsaken the core truth of the gospel, that Jesus Christ lived, died and rose for all, writes the Rev. Dr. Christopher Momany. Read more

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