UMC schism

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Claudio Schwarz

The Rev. Jason Valendy asks whether the UMC split that many desire will really bring peace to those with differing views. Read more

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In the wake of the exclusionary and punitive actions of General Conference 2019, Bishop Elaine JW Stanovsky has formed a Greater Northwest Area Guiding Coalition to "help to shape and lead a new movement of Methodism." Read more

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LGBTQ-friendly congregations continue to resist UMC's tightened policies against homosexuality and look toward a denominational split. Read more

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Man Breaking Chains

Photo Courtesy of Christy Thomas

In this excerpt from a longer post, GC2020 delegate Frank Holbrook analyzes why the practices such as linkage and leverage could spell doom for all the future plans coming before General Conference. Read more

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Insight Editor Cynthia B. Astle found this year's "futuring" program at the Church of the Resurrection's Leadership Institute proved that true reform for the UMC is unlikely to come from those invested in the existing institution. Read more

Views from a Ridge 12 Comments

LGBTQ Demonstrators

Photo by Paul Jeffrey, UMNS

While there may be plenty of sentiment for breaking up The United Methodist Church in the United States, the reality of separating the worldwide denomination is fraught with obstacles. Read more

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Memphis Conference delegate Frank Holbrook has fun making "word clouds" from some of the "futuring" plans headed for General Conference 2020. Read more


Activities around the UMC's future around the question of LGBTQ+ inclusion ebbed this week, but they'll come back soon. Read more

UMC Future

An earthenware cup convinces the Rev. Jeremy Smith that the United Methodism Church would be "befuddled" if it were to accept the idea that its three units are not connected to one another. Read more

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The Rev. Mark Conrad finds that one of the UMC's foundational issues is trust being broken. I’m hearing many issues mentioned, with trust rarely being one of them. It might already be too late for our trust to be re-built. Read more

Perspectives 6 Comments

While Filipinos are often lumped in with Africans and Eastern Europeans in terms of UMC sexuality politics, they don’t have quite the same set of goals or reasons to not walk away as Africans or Eastern Europeans. Read more

UMC Future

Two high-profile proposals for the United Methodist Church's future – including separation into different denominations – were presented at the annual Leadership Institute held by the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Read more

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Part history lesson, part camp meeting and part church politics, the future of The United Methodist Church as a worldwide denomination took center stage at the 2019 session of the Leadership Institute at the United Methodist Church Read more

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A United Methodist layman in Tennessee has devised a plan to extend the discernment process for new denominations in order to foster continued connections among differing Methodist expressions. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott analyzes the dynamics of the forces involved in shaping a future for The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Rev. Chris Ritter offers a more detailed option to creation a "communion" of United Methodist branches. Read more

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The fundamental question in all our claims of religious authority isn't, “Is God on our side?” writes the Rev. Greg Weeks. Rather, it’s about “Am I really seeking God’s will or my own,” Read more

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There will be many twists and turns in the path to a future for United Methodism – even if the various parties involved can agree on one path, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

UMC Future

Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service provides an overview of the processes and procedures leading up to General Conference 2020. Read more

UMC Future

Dozens of key African-American laity, clergy and episcopal leaders met in Chicago to discern and map out the future of the Black Church in The United Methodist Church as a prelude to the 2020 General Conference. Read more

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