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The gospel of Jesus Christ that reconciles us to God and one another is more important than any divisions we may have, says retired Bishop Kenneth Carder. Read more

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United Methodists hold varied definitions of what “unity” means, the Rev. Jeremy Smith finds stark contrasts in what these various definitions of unity look like. Read more

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Burundi Unity

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United Methodists in Burundi are rejoicing over the reunification of the African conference after 12 years of internal strife. Read more

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The Rev. Dr. Darryl Stephens offers his vision of hope for The United Methodist Church in the second installment of a new series on unity from UM & Global. Read more

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Uniting Methodists offers assistance in a campaign to encourage expressions of unity during the 2018 annual conference season. Read more

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Unity dolls

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Dr. David W. Scott analyzes why unity's meaning functionally and organizationally for a denomination is actually a complicated one. Read more

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Commissioners put final touches in report going to Council of Bishops. Read more

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To foster genuine unity, we need people who not only belong to several groups, but who also work to connect them, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott takes a closer look at how united African United Methodism may be. Read more

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David W. Scott explores the deeper aspects of how relationships and networks can promote unity in The United Methodist Church. Read more

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David W. Scott continues his series on United Methodist unity with a look at how to achieve unity without requiring uniformity. Read more

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Puzzle Solved

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Dr. David W. Scott of UM & Global laments the dearth of global perspectives at the recent scholars' conference on church unity and human sexuality, because the missing views could offer a path out of the current U.S.-polarized stances. Read more

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The Rev. Trey Hall suggests prayer, making relationships beyond the church, and rethinking boundaries as ways to hold United Methodists together despite current conflicts. Read more

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If The United Methodist Church breaks apart, it changes its message by embodying the very sorts of divisions that Christ came to heal, writes the Rev. Jonathan Marlowe. Read more


With a fascinating science experiment, the Rev. Jeremy Smith shows how flexibility can be key to creating unity for The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Raging River

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Flooded out of her home and aching for her wounded city of Dallas, Cynthia B. Astle finds some wisdom in conversations on racism that could help The United Methodist Church get through its own turbulence. Read more

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Split Church

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Breaking up The United Methodist Church would be a lot harder to do than dividing over theology or social, writes polity expert Thomas H. Griffith. Read more

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Unity Report

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A roller-coaster of emotion and politics finally ends in the 2016 General Conference affirming a requested Council of Bishops' proposal for a way forward in the church's ongoing strife over human sexuality. Read more

GC Archive

This Week: "... Arrogance compromises every good action ..." Read more


Unity dolls

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The Rev. Tim McClendon ponders how delegates to the 2016 General Conference can make decisions that will foster unity and keep The United Methodist Church from splitting apart. Read more

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