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Possible effects of reductions in apportionments could include diminished support for institutions that educate United Methodist clergy, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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A new report shows that the number of women in the ranks of American clergy has doubled — and sometimes tripled — in some denominations over the last two decades. Read more

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The Church needs to take stock of its treatment of clergywomen in light of the #MeToo movement, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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NCJ Women Bishops

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Bishop Laurie Haller of Iowa pays tribute to the leadership of retired Bishop Judith Craig, whose wisdom applies to today's United Methodist conflicts. Read more

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WCA Video Front

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An ad hoc group of United Methodist clergywomen under 40 have issued a strong statement refuting the claims of a new video from the conservative Wesleyan Covenant Association sent March 2 to most UMC clergy. Read more

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For almost 100 years, Methodists have believed in Fake News that has not stood the test of time, and it's past time to uncover the truth, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Least Females


The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women has found 12 U.S. annual conferences with 20 percent or less female representation in cabinet-level leadership, while women make up all district superintendents in two conferences. Read more

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Her "view from the pew" prompts the Rev. Christy Thomas to give up some volunteer activities while she continues to explore what it's like merely to be, rather than to do so much as both women and clergywomen are wont. Read more

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Women Bishops


Ebony Lincoln of the Clergywomen's Gathering sponsor, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, gives a detailed account of events celebrating women's ordination and envisioning the future. Read more

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Anne Burkholder

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United Methodist clergywomen from around the world gathered Aug. 29-31 in Houston, Texas, to celebrate decades of ordained ministry and to discuss challenges still facing women of the cloth, writes Sam Hodges of UMNS. Read more

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The Rev. Heather Murray Elkins reflects on the history of United Methodist clergywomen's ordination -- and the sad reasons why she won't attend the coming 60th anniversary celebration in Houston, Texas. Read more

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Clergywomen have made no progress in rising to the highest levels of pulpit ministry, according to the latest report from a study begun in 1998 by Duke University. Read more

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Inspired by a male engineer's viral letter to his female colleagues, the Rev. Jeremy Smith examines the ways that clergywomen are not equal to clergymen. Read more

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The Rev. Andy Bryan thinks the traditional Methodist idea of itinerancy, in which pastors are appointed by bishops to congregations, holds value for mission in the 21st century. Read more

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United Methodist Jacob Cannon finds that his faith -- including such doctrines as the ordination of women -- makes him an outcast at times at his Catholic boys' school. Read more


Women Clergy Chart

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The Rev. Amy Rayson has a list of things she wishes church members understood about what it's like to be ordained clergy and female. Read more

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The Rev. Karyn L. Wiseman recounts the painful experience of being rejected as a female pastor, a condition that still exists in many places across The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Gina Campbell

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The Rev. Gina Campbell makes history as the first United Methodist to serve as worship director for the Washington National Cathedral, owned and operated by the Episcopal Church (USA). Read more

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