United Methodist youth

Peg Leg Flamingoes Flag

Photo courtesy of the Rev. Carol Lakota Eastin

Native American United Methodist youths choose a comical-yet-serious image to represent the challenges they face from high suicide rates, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse and diabetes, among others. Read more

Build a Wall Pin

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After Latino/Hispanic youths were bullied at a North Carolina youth conference, a few hundred people walked out of an afternoon session when a speaker connected that incident with racism, according to communicator Gustavo Vasquez. Read more

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Malaria dancers

Photo by Paul Jeffrey, UMNS

Day 8 of General Conference was a dramatic time of highs and lows. Read more

GC Archive

United Methodist Jacob Cannon finds that his faith -- including such doctrines as the ordination of women -- makes him an outcast at times at his Catholic boys' school. Read more



United Methodist Communications Photo

A church communications project in Malawi shows once again our belief that what a small group of mostly young people does in one particular location can transform the world, writes David W. Scott. Read more


Three Monkeys

Photo Courtesy of Dan R. Dick

Leading in the Little Things

A youth leader's actions in NOT correcting young people's unChristian attitudes sparks a response from the Rev. Dan R. Dick. Read more

Mar 15, 2013 2:39 PM Dan R. Dick

It seems like all the ingredients for a tasty youth ministry are there, but somehow it doesn't come together in an appetizing pie, writes veteran youth worker Kevin Alton of Youth Worker Movement. Read more



Illustration by Philip Martin

Youth minister Charles W. Harrison confronts a recent surge in bad theology among Christians with some reasons why accepting spurious ideas uncritically is so harmful to the church. Read more


Guitar Hero

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Youth minister Kevin Alton vigorously critiques the shallowness of much contemporary Christian music used in United Methodist youth groups and contemporary worship settings. Read more

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Grade F

Illustration Courtesy of Todd Lovell

Youth worker Todd Lovell interprets a recent social study about today's teens that finds the concepts of "exceptionalism" actually set students up for failure, and how Christian teaching can redirect youths from this crippling attitude. Read more


Youth worker Kevin Alton explains why he thinks it's not a good idea for pastors to use Eugene Peterson's paraphrase, "The Message," as their scriptural authority. Read more

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