A resurgence of civilian killings has left at least 25 United Methodists dead and more than 75 church families displaced. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

Filipino United Methodists are defending the National Council of Churches in the Philippines against government allegations it is a front for terrorists. Read more

Global Nature

People who are are bullying and exploiting the poor, the sick, the imprisoned, the homeless, the immigrants, LGBTQ+ colleagues, the powerless, the vulnerable are bullying our brothers and sisters, writes retired Bishop Kenneth L. Carder. Read more

Practicing Faith 1 Comments

Former missionaries Karen and David Glenn Smith recount in vivid detail the fear and violence that prompt people to attempt immigration to the United States. Read more


NYC Bike Memorial

AP Photo/Andres Kudacki via Religion News Service

An Episcopal priest in New York City believes that forcing a dichotomy between prayers and action is a false division that "serves neither the dead, the bereaved, nor our nation as a whole." Read more


Charlottesville Interfaith

Photo by Richard Lord

The interfaith Charlottesville Clergy Collective has been a primary force containing the violence that occurred in the picturesque Virginia university town this summer, and First UMC has been at the heart of events. Read more

Advocating Justice

The Empire is obsessed with names and uses them to legitimize all forms of brutality, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith in a Christian critique of recent U.S. foreign policy actions. Read more

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Black Lives Matter

Photo Courtesy of UMC Lead

The Rev. Larry Pickens believes America's vulnerability and rash of violent deaths point to something more ominous and dangerous in the body politic that is calling the church to action. Read more


Brussels Suspects

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For Christians, responding to the evil represented in the March 22 attacks on Brussels is far more complex and nuanced than many believe, writes the Rev. Tim McClendon. Read more

Practicing Faith

Assault rifle

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The extraordinary times in which we're living call followers of Jesus to take their identity and behavior from the Sermon on the Mount, says the Rev. Wes Magruder. Read more

Practicing Faith


Photos Courtesy of Richard Bryant

Preparing to lead a memorial service for a dead Marine, the Rev. Richard L. Bryant reflects on how political lies contribute to a culture of war that is antithetical to Christian beliefs. Read more

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Deputy Ben Fields

Screencap of YouTube Video in Public Domain

The shocking South Carolina school incident of an officer slamming a teen-age girl to the ground should spur Christians to look at obedience and authority from the perspective of Jesus on the cross, writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more

Advocating Justice 1 Comments

Violence comes in forms large and small from a shooting in church to throwing a nametag, and all Christians are called to stand against it whenever it occurs, especially inside the church, writes the Rev. Dan R. Dick. Read more

Perspectives Archive

Broken Glass

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Why Is It Only Violence When Windows Get Smashed?

Property damage from the Baltimore riots spurs the Rev. Morgan Guyton to reflect on other kinds of violence, such as unjust social systems, that don't involve breaking glass. Read more

Apr 29, 2015 1:29 PM Morgan Guyton