Uniting Methodists say only an "open book" investigation into voting irregularities reported at the 2019 General Conference can serve the UMC. Read more

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The General Commission on the General Conference has appointed a task force among its members to investigate allegations of improper voting at the 2019 General Conference. An independent auditor may be brought in as well. Read more

The revelation of potential voting irregularities comes after a highly contentious General Conference in which delegates aimed to set the denomination’s direction in its longtime debate over homosexuality. Read more


Methodist women played key roles in obtaining the right to vote for women, writes Heather Hahn in this feature for Women's History Month. Read more

Advocating Justice

The Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant thinks Christians shouldn't allow their religious beliefs to guide how they vote. Read more

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Christians must be careful about whose values they're promoting when they get involved in public politics, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more


Voting fraud

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Day 10 is filled with committee reports, votes and political maneuvering as the 2016 General Conference pushes toward its legislative conclusion. Read more

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There isn't any such thing as a "True Christian Candidate," says the Rev. Jim Parsons, and it's time we stop deluding ourselves that politics can produce a messiah. Read more

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While they can't endorse partisan candidates or political parties, there is a lot congregations can do to encourage members to exercise their right to vote, writes the Rev. Jim Burklo. Read more

Local Church

Influenced by a candidate urging "Don't vote for a Methodist," the Rev. Christy Thomas writes that she thinks it's time we quit pretending a person's religious beliefs don't influence his or her decisions in office. Read more

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Govt. Shutdown

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The resumption of federal government operations still leaves the Rev. Christy Thomas with a puzzle: how to participate faithfully as a citizen of both church and state without being inaccurately pigeonholed for her complex views. Read more

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