Wesleyan Quadrilateral


Argus Mythological Monsters

United Methodism's emphasis on a hybrid process rather than a Christ-like identity lies at the root of its discord, yet also holds a key to its future as a denomination, writes Dr. Barry Bryant. Read more

Global Nature

Wesleyanism is two things, not one, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith, and those two characteristics are often at odds with one another. Read more

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Wesleyan Quad

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What comes first with John Wesley's method of "doing theology" known as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral? The Rev. Jason Valendy explores how Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience play off one another. Read more

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The Religious Landscape Study results for American United Methodists show that we've forgotten our identity as Wesleyan Christians, writes the Rev. Rich Peck. Read more

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Wesleyan Quadrilateral

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United Methodist layman Philip Brooks makes the case that the theological method we call the Wesleyan Quadrilateral is one of Methodism's greatest gifts to Christian thought and practice. Read more


Bible Hourglass

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Differing in their methods and interpretations, pastors and academics assess how United Methodists should understand and apply the Holy Bible to their daily lives. Read more

Local Church


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A supportive welcome and the Wesleyan Quadrilateral prompted Canadian Sarah Heath to join the United Methodist Church and become a pastor. Read more


Black and White Chessmen

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What if United Methodists could trust their inner experience of God and the Holy Spirit's guidance as much as the traditions of the church, ponders the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Experience in the So-Called 'Wesleyan Quadrilateral"

The Rev. Dr. Kevin Watson, a church historian, recounts how noted theologian Albert C. Outler described the nature and role of "experience" in John Wesley's theological method known today as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral. Read more

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Wesleyan Quadrilateral

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In Defense of 'Experience' and the Wesleyan Quadrilateral

The Rev. Morgan Guyton defends the place of human experience in John Wesley's four-part theological method, currently under fire as being misused by those who support marriage equality. Read more

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May God Bless You with Discomfort

Gambling is just one of the ethically questionable practices that the Rev. Laurie Haller wishes United Methodists would scrutinize more in the context of their Christian faith. Read more

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