As Australia burns, churches are among the first responders with both prayers and deeds, according to the World Council of Churches. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

We face a direct existential threat from climate change this Advent, and our seasonal reflections must turn us toward radical action to stop it, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

Views from a Ridge 1 Comments

United Methodists in the United States have faced waves of disasters this summer, including wildfires, torrential rains and flood and tornadoes. Read more

Global Health

The pastor of Ojai United Methodist Church shares her experience of escaping one of the wildfires current raging around Los Angeles. Read more

Global Health

Dog Sled

Photo Courtesy of Fran Lynch

Global Ministries church and community worker Fran Lynch offers a firsthand account of fires raging outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Read more

In the Church