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Removing works by controversial fundamentalist John MacArthur gives the United Methodist Publishing House's Cokesbury retail arm a chance to clean out other questionable authors, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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A new report shows that the number of women in the ranks of American clergy has doubled — and sometimes tripled — in some denominations over the last two decades. Read more

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Just as many celebrate Mother's Day with sensitivity, a similar approach might be warranted as we celebrate the UMC’s first 50 years in light of this week's developments, writes Patrick Scriven. Read more


Women Clergy Chart

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If the goal of United Methodism is genuinely a pure and holy church, says the Rev. Edwin Womack, then maybe we should add more rules about unacceptable behaviors. Read more

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Methodist women played key roles in obtaining the right to vote for women, writes Heather Hahn in this feature for Women's History Month. Read more

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One of the first Methodist clergywomen, Rev. Jeanne Audrey Powers was a staunch advocate for women church leaders at all levels and a devoted ecumenist committed to the transformative power of faith in Jesus Christ. Read more

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Anna Guillozet

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While secular media have focused on the clergyman who edited a book of devotionals sent to Hillary Clinton, the Rev. Jeremy Smith finds that 115 United Methodist clergywomen contributed to the collection. Read more

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Elizabeth Schindler

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The installation of Bishop Elaine Stanovsky moves the Rev. Elizabeth Schindler to ponder the spiritual weight of ordained ministry, and the great strides may since women have been accepted into the clergy. Read more

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UPDATE: Read firsthand accounts. A clergywoman's complaint about how her allegations of sexual harassment were handled by the North Texas Conference revealed what her supporters saw as a lack of justice and leaders saw as protecting "fair process." Read more

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Jesus Communion

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Drawing on his six decades of pastoral ministry, the Rev. Billy Cox compares American Methodism's past errors in judgment to today's conflict over the acceptance of LGBTQ people. Read more

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Stephanie York Arnold

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More than 60 years since receiving full clergy rights, clergywomen in The United Methodist Church still struggle with discrimination related to appointments, salary and appearance, writes Linda Bloom. North Alabama UMC leaders want to change that. Read more

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Young Clergywomen Video

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A group of young United Methodist clergywomen who have challenged a recent video by the Wesleyan Covenant Association have posted a video version of their statement. Read more

A Way Forward

A new resource offered by North Alabama Conference's commission on status and role of women shares United Methodist clergywomen's struggles on the job, read by their male clergy colleagues. Read more

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Women Bishops


Ebony Lincoln of the Clergywomen's Gathering sponsor, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, gives a detailed account of events celebrating women's ordination and envisioning the future. Read more

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Pink Clergywoman

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The Rev. Heather Murray Elkins reflects on the history of United Methodist clergywomen's ordination -- and the sad reasons why she won't attend the coming 60th anniversary celebration in Houston, Texas. Read more

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Women's Religious Affiliation

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Women are generally more religious than men, especially in predominantly Christian countries, according to a study, "The Gender Gap in Religion Around the World," released March 22 by the Pew Research Group. Read more

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Stained Glass Window

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Clergywomen have made no progress in rising to the highest levels of pulpit ministry, according to the latest report from a study begun in 1998 by Duke University. Read more

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Two in Argument

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United Methodists could break apart over their divisions, or they could provide leadership that would move Christianity toward greater inclusion, writes the Rev. Christy Thomas. Read more

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Inspired by a male engineer's viral letter to his female colleagues, the Rev. Jeremy Smith examines the ways that clergywomen are not equal to clergymen. Read more

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Clergywomen to Cuba


Sixteen U.S. clergywomen traveled to Cuba this spring to learn more about the island nation as relations between Cuba and the United States improved. Read more

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