The proliferation of content available through digital media has caused a decline in the paid circulation of both magazines. Read more

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Our children are seeking God's love, power and grace for a world threatened by gun violence and climate change, writes Bishop Peggy A. Johnson. Read more


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Photo courtesy of Stacy Guinto-Salinas

After Latino/Hispanic youths were bullied at a North Carolina youth conference, a few hundred people walked out of an afternoon session when a speaker connected that incident with racism, according to communicator Gustavo Vasquez. Read more

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Chelsea Chipenda

Photo by Taurai Emmanuel Maforo, Zimbabwe Episcopal Area Communicator

Would you accept the preaching authority of a 12-year-old? United Methodist leaders in Zimbabwe have, and Dr. David W. Scott says that's only one way in which "authority" varies around the global United Methodist Church. Read more

Global Nature

The World Methodist Council is seeking speakers for the 2016 World Methodist Conference and contributions for a worship e-book aimed at youths and young adults on the topic of human rights. Read more

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