Way Forward Commission Drew Plans from Theological and Missional Frameworks

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And how did they draw from a theological framework

When the theological framework was affirmed at the end? I agree that we need to "talk theology" rather than sex. I wish theology had been the focus of the Way Forward Commission because the lack of a consistent theology is our problem!

betsy 358 days ago

That's what I was thinking

I agree sex isn't the problem, it's merely a result of complete confusion. The problem is no one can agree on theology. I have many UMC pastors in my family, two of whom cannot even step into a UMC church any longer. The theology is so wishy-washy. One of the many reasons the UMC is losing people is because of inconsistent theology, not sex. They Pastors and Bishops have no idea what they believe anymore.

Sarah 358 days ago

Aspirational statements with no binding effect

I have taken the time to read both the theological and missional frameworks. While uplifting and aspirational, what do either really add to the legislative frameworks which will be voted on by the General Conference in February? The theologicial framework suggests unity is of overwhelming value as opposed to adherence to one's conscience over the meaning of scripture. Those "Uniting Methodists" and other supporters of "One Church" plan (a misnomer if ever there was one) can make a very strong argument that the UMC as currently designated does some very fine mission work and offers much needed aid to those in crisis due to natural disasters or other causes, but is that enough for folks on either end of the theological divide to abandon their strongly held principles based on their understanding of Scripture? If the denomination does divide into two separate Weselyan movements, one supported by "Progressives" and one supported by "Traditionalists," why should we be worried that those two movements/denominations will quit supporting mission work and aid to those in need? If UMCOR gives $500,000.00 in aid to a crisis torn area, why should we not assume a "Progressive" Wesleyan Movement won't give $250,000.00 to those same folks and a "Traditionalist" Wesleyan Movement give $250,000.00 to those same folks? This is about power within the administration of the Denomination pure and simple.

John 358 days ago

Bishops' February 2018 meeting

If I'm interpreting the documentation correctly (and I'll concede I may not be), it would appear the COB at its February 2018 meeting abandoned or at the very least wanted to soft-pedal the idea of a "gracious exit" for those congregations or conferences whose consciences may not be able to support either the "One Church Plan" or the "Connectional Conference Plan." The proposed "Traditional Plan" as I understand it, does include such an exit plan for those whose consciences cannot support the currently language in our BOD. I see the resort to litigation and and a desperate attempt at hardball as the probable result of the COB's decision at its February meeting to try to steer the General Conference away from such considerations next February. Again, this seems more about maintaining power rather than "doing no harm."

John 358 days ago

Louisville MS FUMC

Is there anyone who can update readers of this site on the current status of the litigation between Louisville Ms. FUMC and the Mississippi Annual Conference? Last I heard, a judge had issued a Temporary Restraining Order on the Conference and a hearing on a preliminary injunction against the Conference was to be held in early June. The website for the Mississippi Conference has gone dark on the issue. This might provide us with a good example of what we might expect if all the plans being considered by General Conference in 2019 do not contain a gracious exit plan for the those Congregations whose consciences compel them to leave the denomination depending on the outcome of the vote in February.

John 357 days ago

Notable Quotes   

    "Christ told us specifically where He would be found and where we were to worship Him as Christians until He came in glory: Christ is in the people who need our help. Christ is in hungry and thirsty people; in people without adequate clothing and shelter; in people who are strangers in a strange land and people who are imprisoned. Any so-called Christianity that ignores or, God forbid, abuses such people is pernicious heresy from the pit of hell. You spit on the Body of Christ in the Chalice when you abuse Him in the body of your neighbor."

    – Mary Pezzulo, "How to Help Imprisoned Migrants," on her blog "Steel Magnificat" on Patheos.com.


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