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Response to Western Jurisdiction proposal

A modest response to the proposal from the Western Jurisdiction

By J. Richard Peck

The College of Bishops of the Western Jurisdiction proposed a helpful alternative structure for us to consider.

The Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops proposes that each of the five offices proposed by Connectional Table be governed by 15-member boards and three members of each board would be named to a 15-member coordinating body.

The bishops also suggest that the role played by COSROW and GCRR be continued in some fashion

Assuming that COROW and GCRR are continued as separate agencies with their own 15-member board of directors, there would be little reason to un-incorporate or re-name GBCS, GBGM, GBSC or GBOD; just change their present governing boards to 15-member boards that might each be composed of 5 persons from the jurisdictional pools, three central conference representatives, two bishops and five members chosen at large.
Each group––including COSROW and GCRR––would name three people to a coordinating council.

That leaves the fifth office composed of GCFA, GCAH, and UMCom. The college proposal does not address the traditional practice of separating finance from program, so why not continue these three agencies with each having a 15-member board of directors with three representatives to the coordinating council?

Under this plan GCUMM and UMW could fit into an identical structure with 15-member boards and three representatives each.

If the top staff executives of Pensions and the Publishing House were to be added to the coordinating council, that council would consist of 35 people. Those 35 could name ten persons based on the need for ethnic or regional balance to form a 45-member council.

Peck is a retired New York Conference clergy member who has attended 11 General Conference sessions and he served as editor of the Daily Christian Advocate at four of the sessions. He served as the staff member of the legislative committee of Connectional Table that prepared the legislation based on the Call to Action report. He presently serves as communications coordinator for the General Commission on United Methodist Men


Rich Peck more than 9 years ago