Family Praying

Photo Courtesy of David MacDonald

Don't major in the minors, counsels the Rev. F. Richard Garland, but set your sights on God's love instead. Read more

F. Richard Garland

The controversy over Rachel Dolezal, a white woman, passing as a black woman in Spokane, Wash., prompts the Rev. Morgan Guyton to confront similar tendencies among others, especially Christians. Read more

Morgan Guyton

Baltimore Prayers

Courtesy of Laurie Haller

Visiting the 2015 session of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference, the Rev. Laurie Haller finds a link between the historic questions asked of ordinands and the church's call to ministry today. Read more

Laurie Haller

Ontelaunee Creek Tributary

Photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli, CCL2

Heading for a conference on creating an ecologically balanced world, the Rev. Jim Burklo reflects on the influence that Christian beliefs have on environmental policies. Read more

Jim Burklo


Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Kruse-Safford

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford makes the case that certain church buzzwords are frequently used without true understanding of their meaning. Read more

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford