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Baltimore Prayers

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Visiting the 2015 session of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference, the Rev. Laurie Haller finds a link between the historic questions asked of ordinands and the church's call to ministry today. Read more

Laurie Haller


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Gambling is just one of the ethically questionable practices that the Rev. Laurie Haller wishes United Methodists would scrutinize more in the context of their Christian faith. Read more

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The loss of a button sends the Rev. Laurie Haller on a journey for the true garments of a Christian. Read more

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National Archives Records of the Office of War Information

As Americans prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, the Rev. Laurie Haller visits the World War II memorial at the Dachau concentration camp, and ponders whether American Christians have fallen into the same kind of moral abyss as Nazi Germany. Read more

Laurie Haller

Rev. Laurie Haller reflects on the reports of bullying of LGBT delegates during General Conference's "holy conversation" on human sexuality. Read more

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