GC2019: The Craziness Of The Organizational Day



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I like that media and observers are barred from the floor

I appreciate your commentary and observations. If hearing and following the action is proving difficult, I would suggest that you view the streamed live feed from GC which I've found very easy to follow. This GC is definitely being run in a much more professional manner than GC2016. So far, the presiding Bishops have been great, making sure that the motions being voted on are clearly understood, and a text description of the motion being voted on is clearly displayed on the big screen. I give the organizers credit that they learned from the many mistakes of GC2016, where Bishops were stumbling over their words, calling votes when it wasn't even clear what the vote was for, and often had no description of the motion displayed for the delegates!

Also, keeping observers far away from the floor has proven to be a great thing so far. I love the lack of manufactured drama and political theater!

I completely agree with you about the amount of time being wasted though on going over the minute details that every delegate already knows unless they've been hiding under a rock for the last year! I almost wonder whether some of it is just a delaying tactic given that many on the CoB would be just as happy if GC were to run out of time and no plan were to pass.

Paul W. more than 2 years ago