'Way Forward' Moderators Report on Communication Plans



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Let's major in the majors

By themselves, "Wonder, Love, and Praise" and "Be Strong and of Good Courage" are good resources for Christians to understand how to relate to one another within an ekklesia held together with koinonia. But given the primary task of the commission "to develop a complete examination and possible revision of every paragraph in our Book of Discipline regarding human sexuality," I'm awaiting the identification of those resources to be recommended to the commission that relate to Christian anthropology, particularly as it relates to holistic stewardship of the human body. For we are no longer our own, we have been purchased at great price by God, therefore we are to glorify God in all that we do with our bodies. (1 Cor. 6:19-20) Without any common, well-grounded general understanding of how we relate to our bodies and how we and our bodies in turn relate to God, this commission cannot even begin its assignment. Do we, for example, read in Genesis 1-3 any more than that God is the author of life and that humanity is less than perfect... or does the image of God reflected in humanity's creation include the interpersonal relationship witnessed within the Godhead, and, if so, how does that imago dei relate to the creative relationship between Man and Woman?

John more than 4 years ago

Notable Quotes 

Jim Winkler, general secretary, National Council of Churches USA (NCC Photo)"Public and sometimes violent acts of racism, white Christian nationalism, anti-immigrant attitudes and xenophobia, along with rising incidents of anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim and other forms of religious bigotry sometimes committed in the name of Christianity, have created an urgency for the churches and the broader culture to recognize the imperative of interreligious engagement for peace-making locally, nationally, and globally."

– United Methodist layman Jim Winkler, top executive of the National Council of Churches USA, in a speech to  International Religious Freedom and Peace Conference in Armenia.


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