All In: Bishops Gambling On The Middle Against Both Ends



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United Methodist Church

Before 1968, was unity within the joining denominations as important as it has become since then? I don't remember unity as being of such high value before "United" was added to the name, and while I see the value of "holy conferencing" I have never been able to put unity at such a high standard as it seems to have become.

Nancy R. Smith more than 5 years ago

Metodists have a problem with gamblig?

Why should Methodist have a problem with gambling? A retired Bishop married a same gender couples at the altar rail of a United Methodist Church. And the discussion about sexuality is progressing way beyond just homosexuality. The LGBTQI designations includes additional sexual expressions in addition to homosexuality; the letter 'I" now stands for "intersex". What the @#$% is intersex? And as somebody pointed out Facebook has an even longer list of sexual identities. Why even the Advance Daily Christian Advocate talked about how inappropriate it is to assume some LGBTQI persons are the same gender on any given day; there was something about "flow". So no, gambling should no longer be a problem! We'll be too busy trying to understand the sexual identity of people.

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago

the middle way.

Yep, Jeremy, you nailed it. No more trials for coming out or doing ss weddings if the local congrgation is ok with it. Same with appointments. Like race and gender the local congregation will have a choice in who comes. The Discipline can be amended to acknowledge there are two conscientiously held opinions about homosexuality. Both straight and gay will be held to the same standard of celibacy in singleness and fidelity in marriage. The UMC can recognize same sex civil marriage even if it is not celebrated in every church. LG BTQI clergy who are out must accept the appointment limitations this may create for them especially in conservative conferences. Perhaps a study guide could be prepared that might address these issues for local church hiring committees. This approachworks ffor the Lutherans in the ELCA. We should learn from them how to do it.

Sarah Flynn more than 5 years ago

Response to "All In"

Are we also allowing gambling now as we reach out to the least, the last, and the lost? Bad use of gambling metaphor

Jonathan Hutchison more than 5 years ago

Why not?

I think the author is on to something. I do not believe some persons are "lost," as some do. BTW, the Methodists have a lot to answer for in our support for prohibition a hundred years ago. The pecksniffery and wowserism which led to that legislative boondoggle was like a perfect storm. And the same is true with our moralistic antigambling crusade. It was almost like a national version of the various local option dry and wet counties and precincts where the owner of the liquor store the next county over pays the preachers to rail against Demon Rum. Why not roll the dice? This denomination is weary of this division but I have never seen so much hateful rhetoric toward our LGBT Brothers and Sisters than I have in the last few days. It seems like it is the darkness before the dawn. I pray that it has a chance. The columnist Ross Douthat has written of the right's "Terms of Surrender" in the Culture War....the stages of grief are progressing, and this is our version of it. In twenty years those who said the most hateful things about the gheys will be denying they ever did.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago