Mama Bear Roars: Stop the Tantrums

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still the local church

I too am dismayed at the official body's behavior. Even one of the commenters below pushes the "other's" behavior. I wish the Bishops had done something heretofore to really spiritually lead... such as shut down for prayer and fasting until a rending of hearts could happen for confession, pardon and reconciliation.

Pamela Nelson-Munson more than 5 years ago

I'm not surprised

A view from the UMC pew: Over the past several years I have extensively monitored the voices of the UMC. Several months ago I came to the conclusion that frustrations were high enough across the denomination that GC2016 could turn into some form of a donnybrook. Liberal/progressives drew a hard line in the sand with their refusal to abide by the decision re same gender relationships and that is when verbiage escalated and the divide widened. They made a huge mistake when they refused to work within the system they are part of and ramped themselves up that somehow this was going to be the year they were "coming for the institution" even as they acknowledged the votes were not there. And then there was their "service of ordination" and their additional communion stations with the proclamation "Remember me. Come take communion where love prevails"---what a travesty; communion itself is about the prevailing love of God the Father as exhibited through God the Son! They are exhibiting a brand of Christianity I do not understand nor want to be part of!

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago


After a week, I've yet to see a single incident. I've seen disagreements between Christians, including myself, but most were followed by respectful greetings and thanks for the work by all. Maybe my delegation and committee (Finishef Admin) are different, but I think the tantrums are exceptions, and praise God not the standard.

Jim Allen more than 5 years ago


Such behavior, if true, is appalling. I am in a profession that has as part of its mantra "trust but verify." I would be interested in that verification. Could you post it?


In Christ,

The enemy hate clarity

the enemy hates clarity more than 5 years ago

The end is near

Gen. 13:8 ‘Let there be no strife between you and me...for we are brethren. Is not the whole land before us? Let us separate from each other"

David more than 5 years ago