Maybe It's Time to Plant a New Denomination



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As a conservative, I am asking you to back down. We need moderate voices like yours. The problem is not the question about same gender relationships. The problem is a very vocal group of liberal/conservatives who have placed themselves "above the law" by refusing to work within the system they are a part of. It is this group and their campaign of blatant disobedience that have provoked what you see as a "hard response". They keep stirring the point on this issue, keeping it at a boiling point. Personally, I am appalled at their actions and verbiage; they are living a brand of Christianity that I do not want to be associated with; every line they have drawn in the sand has caused me to take two steps backwards from them. We need to talk about sexuality, the church has no clear teaching about it, but there can be no fruitful conversation in the pressure cooker situation this particular group of liberal/progressives have created. They are going about it in the wrong way!

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago