In Landslide Vote, United Methodists Renew Resolve to be “Open and Accepting”



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I'm not convinced

that your take on this is correct. You seem to believe that this justifies the existence of the theological diversity that is currently running amok within the UMC and tearing it apart. I am not familiar with the other authors of this resolution, but I am familiar with the writings of Maxie Dunnam. Over the last years he has been very pointed in his call for theological unity. This resolution is absolutely relevant from the perspective that everybody is on the same "page" theologically but individuals are on their own unique path to holiness. The Priority #! for John Wesley was always the transformation of individuals; even though each person has their own unique journey, that unique journey is best carried out in the company of others who can watch over each other. What we are currently witnessing is the absolute failure of "Big Tent" Methodism in which a strain of Christianity that is all about "social justice" and ignores the individual component has taken hold. Although Wesley dabbled in social justice concerns--mainly for the benefit of Methodists--he never ever waivered from connecting individuals first to God and then to each other so that they could live a transformed life centered in God regardless of their background or circumstances.

Betsy more than 5 years ago

Social Justice & John Wesley

How trite & erroneous to say that "Wesley dabbled in social justice" when the man insisted his followers visit prisoners, led the charge against slavery, & insisted the New Testament knew nothing other than a social gospel. Journey inward, yes; but definitely journey outward as well for Wesleyans.

Charles Michael Smith more than 5 years ago