The Old UMC Is Dying. The New UMC Cannot Yet Be Born.



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The Old UMC is Dying

Jeremy, thank you for this thoughtful post inviting us to reflect on a question that I have pondered and have longed to consider with other church leaders. Could it be that God is in the dismantling of the church as we have known it? Could it be that God is trying to dismantle what we keep trying to fix? Could it be that what we experience as exile and wilderness is actually the place of empowerment by the Holy Spirit? What if this decline, this death, is the way to new life? What if letting go of what has been will enable the church to see the new thing God is doing among us? What if we stopped asking how we are going to reverse the decline and began asking how we are going to participate with God in this downward movement into new life?

Gwen Purushotham more than 5 years ago

Jeremy Smith and interim

Jeremy Smith leaves a pungent scent in the wake of his comments about our denomination. His perceptions penetrate the fog and confusion of the current scene. What he observes is both dismal and hopeful. Both mark the temperament of the interim that separates us from that which is dying and yet to be born. What this requires of us are a searching perspective beyond the present disorder, willingness to live with ambiguity and uncertainty, and the unfailing courage of faith.

Gilbert Vieira more than 5 years ago