Ohio Wesleyan Takes ‘Pause’ with UMC over LGBTQ Issues



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Will somebody please tell me what this means? I don’t understand…

From the article above:
"Ohio Wesleyan University's president says the school is taking a "one-year pause in its relationship" with the United Methodist Church in the wake of a worldwide meeting that upheld a ban on same-sex marriage. The move comes just after Baldwin Wallace University in Berea cut ties entirely with the church.
My questions:
• What does “pause” mean? What happens?
• What does “cut ties entirely mean? What are the “ties” that got cut?
• Does this involve money? Who gives? Who gets? Who now loses? Show me the money!
• Does this mean a loss of “scholoarships”? Loss of “chair” endowments? Loss of class or major offerings? Any job losses?
If all these “affiliated” universities are going to make a big deal out of “pausing” and “cutting”, I think they ought to let us all know just exactly what that means. Otherwise, it just seems to non-smarty-pants people like me that these PhDs are having a spat with those PhDs and they won’t be getting together for tea and to ponder great PhD things. Would this be a loss to civilization?

Reese more than 2 years ago

I respect Ohio Wesleyan's decision.

We all must do what we think is right and proper. The university and alumni have been instrumental in supporting causes that we as a church supported, and I appreciate their contributions in those causes. I wish them the best going forward. A lot of good Methodists in Ohio.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago