Commission’s Silence Does More Harm Than Good

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The uproar over Rule 44 shows why this article is wrong. In the current climate no one is willing to lay down their political weapons. Once the commission process is shown to bear fruit then we can lift it up as a mode

John 353 days ago

No time to dally

Those who advocate patience and trust are not in danger; they are not hated by the church. Those who live under the oppression and hatred of the UMC - those of the LGBT population - know the UMC is out of time on this topic.

It is a well-documented fact that those of the LGBT population who experience oppression from their church families are much more likely to commit suicide. Given this, every moment we delay extending them inclusive love means more suicides.

There is no time to dally. When a loved one is in crisis, you cannot afford to side-step the issue. The UMC LGBT membership has been waiting, in crisis mode, since 1972. How many suicides is the UMC responsible for?

The church, if nothing else, must immediately state their inclusive love and acceptance of our LGBT members. Every moment we allow the hateful rhetoric of our current Book of Discipline to stand, we are commit murder.

For God's sake, people, where is your love?

Ben U 355 days ago


I, for one, am grateful that they are not inundating us with information. Too much information will only confuse the masses and it is not that they are silent, they are sharing the general overview. Perhaps if we could more purposefully trust that God is enough, we would not feel the need to be in control and at the center of all that they are doing. Let's trust that God chose the people, God is guiding the people and that the people are responding to God.

Dee 357 days ago

A way forward

It would quickly be hijacked if they didn't. It would be anarchy (just like GC 2012 & 2016).

Sarah 357 days ago

Trust is a two way street

Your demand for an open meeting could be interpreted as a lack of trust in our leadership. I am impressed that some have realized that it is high time to shut out all the extraneous noise--it should have happened a long time ago. Everything I have read about the original Methodist Conferences is that they were closed so that leadership could get on the same page when it came to what they needed to be doing.

Betsy 358 days ago

Open meeting

If this commission met in open meetings it would rapidly turn into a circus and nothing would get done. Our founding fathers recognized this when they were drafting the Constitution. That document and the Republic it started is still going strong. Our bishops were tasked by GC. Let them carry out that task as they see fit. We will get our say when the time comes.

Kevin 358 days ago