Amid division, only one view can hold us together



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Doug Cunningham

Doug, I believe you are correct in saying a "strident adherence to the exclusion of gay and lesbian people from ordination and marriage is not going to hold us together."
I also believe that changing the prevailing position of United Methodism will not hold us together either.
Maybe it's time for an amicable separation. Other denominations have done it. Paul and Barnabas went their separate ways and the Kingdom didn't collapse. It isn't the worst thing to do - maybe the best under the present circumstances. Someone start the conversation.....

Parson more than 8 years ago

More than one view

Mr. Renfroe is not saying anything that has not been said at General Conference and elsewhere. His position continues to prevail in official United Methodism, but a sizable minority disagrees with his view and will continue to do so. A strident adherence to the exclusion of gay and lesbian people from ordination and marriage is not going to hold us together.

Doug Cunningham more than 8 years ago

Michael Higgs

Michael, you are correct in suggesting that there is a deeper issue here, other than homosexuality - it is our view of scripture and how we understand its authority. That is where the division is and why we keep talking past each other when discussing a number of issues.

Also at play here, is whether or not tradition and wisdom from the past - from church fathers and mothers - has much to say to us.

A person who considers the scripture as containing the "Word of God" that God expects us to discern by our reason and present-day thinking, will come out at a different place from someone who considers the scripture as the "Word of God" that should press on our reason and shape our thinking.

Yes, this could be the dealbreaker, as you say.

Parson more than 8 years ago

"One View"

Maybe we need some honest, non-demonizing discussion about our views of Scripture. If we're too far apart, we may need to look at separation or divorce rather than continued polarization and paralysis. Views on homosexuality might not be the dealbreaker, but views of scripture certainly could be.

On another note, much of your argument sounds like what was once used to justify the church's support of slavery, and later of segregation in this country and apartheid in South AFrica.

Michael Higgs more than 8 years ago

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