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Review of Proposed Legislation for 2016 General Conference

On the face of it, this would be a good idea. Having read petitions that have come to the last 7 General Conferences, it is obvious that much of it is not appropriate and contradictory to our polity. However, since the General Conference is the one body that officially speaks for the church, and our Constitution makes the Judicial Council the only body that could issue advisory opinions, when asked by the General Conference in plenary session, I believe that this proposal would be in violation of our Church Constitution.

Tom Griffith more than 5 years ago

review of legislation for GC

having been Gen Secy of GCOM for 12 years, I have seen lots of legislation! Very little that actually is submitted as petition would violate the Book of Discipline (BOD). What gets written during GC sometimes does violate BOD. It was very clear to me that what was proposed for 2012 GC, on the floor, violated BOD because, as we know, the initial legislation that created the GCOM was in violation of BOD. what was put together on the floor at GC had the very same flaw. I think it splendid idea for someone(s) to read proposed legislation for potential conflicts, but likelihood of finding something that has been thoughtfully submitted as petition is not likely.

"Ned" Dewire more than 6 years ago

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