Bishops Approve Plan for Sexuality Panel



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walk the walk

Sr Cynthia
I sense your weariness. And your yearning for a nonpartisan solution. No one would object to what you hope for. But words wont be enough. The time for talking has come and gone. In fact it left in 1972 when the 4year study of homosexuality was completed and GC basically killed its recommendation. 44 years later words aren't making it any better. Only worse. The bishops have got to stand and deliver a plan that both sides can accept. If it fails they better have a plan on how best to separate because liberals aren't going to roll over and swallow the enforcement package that will be passed. If they knuckle under on the gay issue they will be smothered with changes already in the works like on abortion, religious liberty and every conservative issue of the GOP. Better to leave and preserve an authentic liberal Methodist church than to be buried as a result of a hostile turnover.

Sarah Flynn more than 4 years ago

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