Finance Board Moves Ahead with Budget Cuts



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Three take-aways from this budget battle report:

1. "In August, the board approved an 18 percent cut in the base percentage rate used in calculating U.S. apportionments— the requested giving from U.S. annual conferences."
2. "Earlier this month, the Connectional Table— the board’s partner in deciding how to slice up the pie — sent a letter urging the board to reconsider the proposed cut. The Council of Bishops, at the request of its Immigration Task Force, also discussed the letter."
3. "Not discussed was the potential impact of the special General Conference next February that bishops have called to find a way through the potentially church-splitting debate over homosexuality."
My comment. A needed 18% drop in budget should be the alarm that sends all into “battle stations” to examine what is going wrong! Instead, church leadership is debating the budget cuts without presenting solid options for baking a larger pie. Meanwhile, the budget board ignored the opportunity (need) to warn of what future budgets could be if certain consequences come to pass. (Well, they sure would not want members, delegates or leadership to become upset by reality!)
What could go wrong?

Reese more than 2 years ago