United Methodists, Episcopalians Verge on Full Communion

Bumps remain on the long and winding road



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I think a thornier problem is the Eucharist. Our "This Holy Mystery" may be acceptable to the Episcopalians... but our local church practice will not be ... many UMC pastors (and thus lay) believe they can play fast and loose w/ the liturgy (or no liturgy) .. many have no idea what a 'Great Thanksgiving' is, and think that Words of Institution are it.

Pamela Nelson-Munson more than 4 years ago


I agree. We've been talking about weekly Communion since the early 1980s, and it seems the best we can do is monthly. It's time for the clergy to " feed my sheep".

Larry Brooks more than 3 years ago

Ministry of Reconciliation

The ministry of reconciliation is not about gaining more members or money. It is about reconciling differences so we can share one bread and become the one body of the Lord. Must give up the corporate model of sucess and become a witness of the Gospel in word AND DEED.
Thanks be to God for this long overdue reconciliation. It is a gift to us and to the world that shows Christians know how to unite and not just how to divide.

Rev Sarah Flynn more than 4 years ago

The next step?

The theology is similar. Since the Episcopal Church is low on membership, maybe they'll just enfold into UMC.

Sarah more than 4 years ago

Full Communion

I fail to see the benefit in this initiative. A whole lot of work and what do we gain by this? I left the Episcopal Church to join The UMC. Never looked back. And now this.

Kevin more than 4 years ago

What do we gain?

People who are leaving the Episcopal Church because of its theological positions would find the UMC's full communion with the Episcopal Church a sure fire reason to not join the United Methodists instead.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago