Happy Birthday… and How Many More?



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happy birthday and how many more

Two observations. The decline of the American UMC will accelerate regardless of who 'wins' the GC2019. The myriad dysfunctions of the existing church require a profound spiritual-systemic-organizational reformation of which issues of sexuality are a symptomatic but minor player. If 2019 serves as a wake-up for the US church, regardless of specific outcome, it will have succeeded in what matters most. Second, John quotes St. Albert of Outler (for whom I share gratitude and respect): "When we have been at our worst, we have separated over things like language and national origin, slavery, and the role of laity in the church." John's point seems to be that battling over social issues is not worth possible separation for they don't rise to the level of core doctrine. So separation over slavery was unnecessary? If only the ME Church had adopted the local option in 1844, and agreed to disagree on whether or not the practice of slavery was incompatible with Christian teaching...why all the fuss? In the big picture it was far better, though painful, to separate than to hedge on the issue of slavery by rationalizing that 'the church is not of one mind on this issue' so let the church's moral stance be determined by zip code.

Bob more than 3 years ago