More than 50 Pastors Lead Same-Gender Wedding in Philadelphia



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following Jesus in being inclusive

Bless you, Rev. Robin Hynicka, for not being a practicing hypocrite!!!!! If you received a call to ministry 40 years ago, then you, like I, grew up in a church that did not preach anti-gay doctrine.
God forgive us for ever having written such hurtful "laws" and "opinions" into our BoD. We have caused many hurt hearts and much frustration and, sadly, many suicides. Also, caused many
members to leave our churches. Hopefully, Holy Spirit will get through to more UM clergy and lay
members....God is not dead. He did not die after the last of the "selected" Books of Scripture was
Again, thank you, and all the other clergy, for following God's call to service--rather than the
admittedly faulty, ever-changing BoD.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 6 years ago

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