New Group Aims to Find Way to Live in a Divided Church

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same sex marriage

A Godless marriage joined by a human who is not a true prophet or minister of God is not a true marriage. This is not about human rights. It is whether you hate the laws of Moses and the Word of God. If you hate God's laws, you will die without mercy. (Hebrews 10:26-30) It's in the bible. Any minister who marries them is a false teacher and a false prophet. (I Peter 2 full chapter.) There are many false prophets and you are one of them if you join together homosexuals.

Sam Bouchard more than 6 years ago

Just another conservative caucus group?

Hmmm... Based upon the organizers, it seems to me, the Wesleyan Covenant Network is just another conservative caucus group capitalizing on the Wesleyan name. The conservative faction is already well represented by: The Confessing Movement, The Good News Magazine, Asbury Seminary, Seedbed, Wesleyan Accents, Bristol House, Transforming Congregations, Methodist Renewal Movement... and the IRD.

John JP Patterson more than 6 years ago

Grim Specter

What an example of what the grim specter of biblical literalism and fundamentalist misinterpretation can do to reflect contradictions of that view in one life, which however well meaning and "faithful" to 1st grade Sunday School theology has probably done as much any one person to damage United Methodism in our day.

Don Manning-Miller more than 6 years ago

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