Upper New York Clergy and Laity Petition Bishop to Reinstate LGBTQ-Friendly Clergywoman



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I came to fulfill the law, not abolish it...

Like it or not, the book of discipline is the doctrine and law of the UMC. A congregation, a pastor, not even a single bishop can vote to set aside church law. The simple solution is if you cannot live by the law, then find a home where the law doesn't apply. Disobeying man's law (the discipline) is a sin, and I know this to be true because the scriptures tell us this, and Jesus affirmed it. The old saying goes that if you can't beat them, join them, and if you can't join them, leave them. The doors to the church swing both ways. Brother Thom is one of three pastors that formed MoyockChristian.org after leaving the UMC and seeing firsthand the unrepentant sin of liberal bishops in the UMC.

Thomas Roddy 213 days ago

A heartfelt personal statement

This statement/petition is notable in its gentleness, but it is from a human standpoint, not a Godly one.

To say that the Bishop in this case isn't "attuned to the Wesleyan call to pattern ourselves after the love and grace of God, nor is it in line with the expressed voice of the majority of people in UNY" is a reflection of worldly ideas. Does God conform his love & grace according to how we perceive a Wesleyan call or to the feelings of a majority of the people?

No, I believe the Bishop was correct, because matters of ordination shouldn't involve one's personal ideas about sexuality or marriage.

David Kingsworthy 215 days ago