'You Can’t Roller-skate in a Buffalo Herd, but…'

MEMO For Those Who Preach



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Robert Schuller preached from the roof of a drive in movie theatre in founding a mega church.

We now spend millions on bottled water although water is nearly free from any faucet. Chik Fil A has surpassed StarBucks in the fast food revenue list and they are coming up on McDonald's. Chik is closed on Sundays! Maybe they should close on Mondays also!

Roller skating in Buffalo, NY or in a herd is possible and profitable. But only to those who dare. Carefully plan, And, try out the new each year.

Thank you

Richard F Hicks more than 2 years ago

Chik Fil A #3



They WILL pass Starbucks, but haven't done so yet. Might want to keep your buffalo in front of your skates.

JR more than 2 years ago