Comic-Con Teaches Us About Bible Reading



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Split that with inclusionary or exclusionary

Affirmational Exclusionary Fan: "J.K. Rolling interviews" - you spelled her name wrong, therefore you are not a fan and I discount your opinion.
Affirmation Inclusionary Fan: You spelled her name wrong, but that's probably just a typo. I appreciate others views even though they may stray from the source material, but those views cannot be considered canon. They may make us think though, and that's a good thing!
Transformational Exclusionary Fan: The source material only touches on that topic from one characters point of view, so I will imagine what I want - and no one can prove otherwise!
Transformational Inclusionary Fan: It's interesting to imagine - based on what we do know and what we don't know - how other interactions might play out. It can inform not only our views, but those of others. While not being canon, since there's a lot that isn't addressed in the source material, considering events and actions outside of what we know can be interesting and informative!

As a spin off, consider Disney costumes vs Disney Bounding.

JR more than 2 years ago

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