Now I Know Why Godly Punishment Never Made Sense to Me



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New Religion

I hope you are okay in your new religion, but I would recommend that you disengage with Christian organizations, so that people will not be misled into thinking that your beliefs are actually Christian.

RR 17 days ago

This Article is Wrong on So Many Counts

I'm not sure which Bible Rev. Graves is reading, but his must be missing St. Paul's letters which clearly state that Jesus died for our sins. God is not bloodthirsty but He certainly is Holy and cannot abide sin. The entire Old Testament sacrificial system is about making the people of Israel right before God so he will accept them. Of course the prophets talk about the time when sacrifice will be in the believers' hears and physical sacrifice will no longer be necessary. Jesus was this culmination when he died once and for all to wipe away our sins.

It makes me very sad to see a minister spreading disinformation like this that is wrong and at odds with what the Holy Bible clearly says. What he is espousing is truly cheap grace and it grieves my heart that people may be lead astray by this.

Dan 18 days ago