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Wondering in the Wilderness

As an ex-Methodist (I prefer to be called a reformed and redeemed ex-Methodist) I have participated in the process that cried out against the disobedience in the UMC by participating in Good News and WCA. Even though I no longer "have a dog in the fight", I like many ex-Methodist and current Methodist look at the shenanigans with both contempt and sorrow. This author stopped too soon in his exodus story. The UMC has been wondering the wilderness since they lost their way. It began in late 1800's and went to full scale disobedience after creation of the UMC. The fact is the UMC has been wondering in the wilderness for 50 years. Just like God disciplined the Hebrew in the wilderness for their disobedience, the UMC has found itself wondering. Just like Nebuchadnezzar took the Jews into bondage (at God command for Jewish disobedience) the UMC bureaucracy, the ordained clergy, and the Council of Bishops has held good Methodists in bondage. A once proud denomination in decline that will probably not stop even after schism and reorganization. Just look at the EC, PCUSA, ELCA, and the UCC. These once proud Christians represented a significant portion of American Protestantism but they lost their way. A focus on social justice and an abandonment of the Great Commission has sent these churhces (including the UMC) into a tail spin from which they will never recover.

Jeff 284 days ago