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Progressive Vision

It is refreshing to realize that my husband and I actually fit into a niche within the UMC. We have recently found ourselves to be members of a small somewhat traditional
congregation. When we joined this church we had a woman pastor who was tolerant and understanding of the changes in society and within our church. 12 years ago we had a very diverse membership; several ethnic families, a homosexual couple and others who came from no traditional backgrounds. Due to changes in our pastors, we have lost those members and become rather fundamentalist. Our membership has shrunk and is no longer welcoming to younger families and the diversity that was so important. The Methodist Church historically was a body that advocated for change; better education, work unions, recognition of the issues behind alcoholism and drugs, domestic violence and environmental concerns. The UMC is the only denomination that has written documentation of its reasons for promoting certain ethics. We need to continue striving for equality between races, genders and those with various sexual preferences. The church needs to keep pace with social concerns, not hide behind the intolerance of our conservative counterparts.

Lindsay more than 2 years ago

Defining others out

A +1 Conference with limited voting rights suggests the are intended to be a perpetual minority that will have limited voting rights and interaction to conference with the Big 5. A "center" allied with a "right" to define who a "left" is seems contrary to good process of identity development. How such helps, long-term, seems extremely problematic. This is parent to child stuff rather than partners in mission.

Wesley White more than 6 years ago


Chris Ritter is not associated with the UM Centrist Movement in any way. This is a separate movement and I understand that they quite strongly opposed to the plan being described in this post. Thanks again for re-posting and for UM Insight's continued interest in the future of our denomination.

Christopher Ritter more than 6 years ago

Our apologies

Our information got confused with some other links forwarded regarding a number of different plans. We have corrected the error. It's getting harder to tell the proposals apart. We'd be start keeping a better scorecard!

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 6 years ago